So I told the folks at work yesterday that I’m having a kid. I had been guarding my secret as best as someone can who snarfs down saltines all day, is really finicky when it comes to choosing lunch spots, and who seems to have lots of flu-like symptoms. Again. It went well. I’m not sure why I was intimidated. I think if anything, I’m relatively private about some things (I know, I can hear folks who know me chortling from here. But seriously!) and telling someone something like that just felt strange to say the least. But I actually discussed so many things with them that it set me at ease.

That said it’s made it all so real. I went from zero-to-pregnant in one day. I had been waiting to pass the 12 week mark just to be on the safe side. And now all of the sudden it feels like that day I peed on the stick all over again.

Very exciting. I have more to write, but given I’ve been up since 4 am, I think I’ll wait until I’m coherent. I do have one post I wrote prior to “going public” that I’ll post. But hoping I’ll do more updating here, because it seems like I’m always astonished during this experience with the changes. From simple things like my insanely intense dreams to seeing an ultrasound for the first time. It’s already been a crazy ride.

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